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ok, so my mum agreed on knitting the following sweater for me...but i have to give her a pattern for it so she knows how to do it...
i have NO IDEA about knitting - only that i love knitted sweaters, gloves, scarfes, hats...anything....

so, would one of you be as kind as to draw me a pattern for the jumper (see picture)???
thank you!!!!

you can also e-mail me at: Steffi@heubergstrasse.de




Norwegian Fishermens' Jumper

Heisann. I'm new here. My name is Freja.

I am trying to find a pattern or a lesson in how to combine the different coloured wools for the top section of Norwegian fishermens' jumper.

I was only ever taught 'casting on, casting off, knit and purl' by my mother and I will be looking forward to my Scottish granny teaching me cable knit soon, however, I never was taught how to mix the coloured wools into a pattern other than stripes, of course. Do any of you have a pattern you would share with me, or are any of you with webcam and willing to show me what to do? I've had a request from a friend in Australia to make him one of these and send it to him. He did also ask if I might send a nice Scandinavian lady along with it. >:D

Any help is appreciated. Takk. Hade!


I am currently working on Setesdal a Norwegian pattern from Peer Gynt.

This happens to be my first Nordic style sweater. I have lived in So. Cali all my life and never needed to knit sweaters. Now that I'm living in Norway I see a new challenge in my knitting style.
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